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Use the Team Discussion list to hold newsgroup-style discussions on topics relevant to your team.

Picture Placeholder: Linnea Rademaker
  • Linnea Rademaker
211/3/2008 4:04 PM
Hello all: I wanted to use Sharepoint to begin a discussion about the upcoming January colloquium, paid for with the Senate Faculty Development Funds. The proposal is attached. Previously we discussed asking Frances Rust to lead the colloquium, asking Joe Senese to participate, as well as two public school members from Highland Park. Arlene suggested we add a faculty from Stevenson High, so that we have one from each. Will someone be able to contact these people? HOw will this work. I have sent an e-mail to Don Grady and Karen Wilson to make sure the date is clear. Can someone head up refreshments? We need to make an evaluation survey to be handed out at the colloquium. Marketing? Use this board for discussion, and I'll return when I have the date confirmed. Thanks, Linnea
11/7/2008 8:52 AM